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"INSTOMAT" is a modular earth containing units specially designed for rapid deployment and equally rapid retrieving for reuse. This modular structure of "INSTOMAT" allows the users to readily construct various structures by connecting individual units in length, breadth, and height
"Instomat" combines the strength of sturdy weld mesh with hudraulic permeability of geotextile membrance. Most of the in-fill available on construction site can be used without requiring to transport filling material from far off distances.
Hence "instomat" is a rapid, economical, labour saving protection system which is useful during the time of peace, environmental disasters or military crisis.
  • Military and defence :   As protection against blast and balastic, military equipments and installations, scud bunker and guard towers protection
  • Environmental :   Barricades against disasters like flood, volcanic eruption, avalanches, land and mud slides, erosion due to sea encroachment.
  • Noise screen :   To protect from noise on busy roads and highways.
  • Containment  Containment of fuel, acid, oils etc. in storage depots
  • Hydraulic structures   Emergency protection and repairs for roads, embankments, bridge, abutments etc.
  • Roits and Civil Unrest  Rapid deployment of structure against roits, public disturbances resulting in destruction of private and public properties 

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