For strength and versatility, there are few engineering materials to rival Weldmesh. This famous name has become a by-word for welded steel mesh the world over. Manufactured in both roll and panel forms, Weldmesh benefits from superior welding technology. The horizontal and vertical wires are electrically welded at each intersection to form a virtually unbreakable mesh. Weldmesh is one of the specialist 

Weldmesh has an infinite number of uses, some of the most general applications being: partitions and enclosures, machinery and window guards, ventilator guards, tree guards, shelving, racking and grills. Safety barriers, security cages, fireguards and fan guards. Fencing and gates, stairways, balustrading and catwalks. Agricultural and horticultural applications, poultry pens and flooring, animal pens, cages and aviaries. Crates for packing and materials handling, pallets, cable trays and cable basket management. Garden protection, display work, litter bins, clothes and storage lockers.

Our Certification and Accreditation:

System Accreditation:

1) ISO 9001  Quality Management

2) ISO 14001  Health,  Safety & Environment (HSE)

3) ISO 18001  Environmental Management

Product Specific Certifications:

1) BBA, UK

2) COPRO, Belgium

3) AFNOR (NF) France,

4) ITB, Poland

5) CE Mark, Europe

6) SABS, South Africa

Our Products are approved by following industries:

- Defence Organizations

- Border Protection Forces

- Police & Prison Facilities

- Highway & Railway Sector

- Oil & Gas Facilities

- Electrical & Telecommunication Sector

- Pipeline Protection

- Airports

- Seaports

- Environment & Forestry

- Industrial Sector

- Commercial & Sports Sector

For any inquiry contact:

For any inquiry contact:

Ms. Shruti Gokhale
Contact Phone - 00971 55 9007401
Web: www.linkmiddleeast.com

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Specifications :
Our Products are followed by standards to offer you the quality product.

We at LME are following the Standard as per Clients Requirement like:

Temporary Fence (Light Duty Specification)

Permanent Fence
  • DEWA
Place of Origin : Link Middle East Limited Dubai UAE
Product Condition : New
FOB Price : AED 0
Minimum Order Quantity :
Supply Ability : Ready Stock
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail : Our packaging details will be provided to you after finalization of order.
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